MazeRunner IRC Chat <center><font size=4>IRC Chat</font></center> <hr width=100%> <div id="body_text"> <!-- We could just use PJIRC, but it didn't seem to like working...--> <applet NAME="JWIRC" CODEBASE="jwirc_files" ARCHIVE="jwirc_1_7_6.jar" code="IRC.class" width="98%" height="400"> <param name="CABBASE" value=""> <param name="ConfigFile" value="config.txt"> <param name="Nick" value="Guest"> <param name="Password" value="******"> <param name="Channels" value="#mazerunner"> <param name="ChList" value="#mazerunner"> <param name="UserInfo" value="MazeRunner IRC User-"> <param name="ServersString" value=" :FREENODE "> </applet> <!-- end of the JWIRC applet --> <!-- some help, you can set or send any commands to applet from JavaScript--> <table border=0> <tr> <td> FAQ: </td><td> <a href="javascript:document.JWIRC.setFromJS('/n YouNewNick')">Change a nick</a> </td><td> <a href="javascript:document.JWIRC.setFromJS('/%NICKSERV register PASSWORD E-MAIL')">Register a nick</a> </td><td> <a href="javascript:document.JWIRC.setFromJS('/%NICKSERV help')">Nickserv commands</a> </td> </tr> </table> </div>