MazeRunner FAQs

Q:When I try to play MazeRunner my CPU usage shoots up! What can I do?
A:Well, one thing to try is disabling audio. When your sound card is in use, the sound system keeps try to access the audio card, and, when it can't, it keeps trying. To fix, go up to the Music menu and choose music off.
A:The movement processor is taking using more CPU power then your processor can handle in its current state. Try closing a few programs or rebooting. If that doesn't help, submit a help request in the SourceForge tracker.

Q: When I try compiling MazeRunner, ant gives me this error: Could not create task or type of type: junit.
A: One solution is to get junit.jar, which holds all of the libs needed to please ant. To do this, find the file ant-junit.jar. Once you find it, make a new copy of it called just junit.jar in the same folder as the other one. NOTE: This only applies to Apache Ant 1.6.5.
A: If the above doesn't work, you will have to upgrade to ant 1.7, which fixes the ant bug (yes- although you are told there it isn't a bug, it is). You can see a guide here for installing it.